Phil Dye is a Sydney based writer, entrepreneur, educator and entertainer.

He is the author of three books including The father lode published by Allen and Unwin (1998 and 2011). He is also the creator of Mindz Brainplay and the writer of the Indian sports-music hit ‘Sachin Tendulkar – God of Cricket’ which was broadcast India-wide on the retirement of The Little Master. (see HERE OR HERE)

From comic and very un-PC songs to serious political comment, Phil has a habit of polarising those who read or listen. “I don’t represent any political viewpoint other then that of common sense with a touch of the absurd. People who take themselves too seriously don’t like that much.”

As a social commentator, he has been interviewed over 200 times for radio and TV on topics ranging from education to gender to sport. Social justice is a common theme in his writing, and it’s this idea of justice which he believes is sadly lacking in Australian society today.  ” Australians have become silent about too many things and been muzzled by a political correctness that’s gone too far. We’ve forgotten how to stand up and be counted and that’s a great shame.”

Feel free to comment on the writing you read in the categories at right. Most pieces have been published by news organisations throughout Australia yet a few are published only on this site.

Enjoy your reading, and once again, feel free to praise, condemn or question. It’s these traits that make for a healthy society. Phil can be contacted via the form below.


New ideas, music and an alternative view on most things