After Covid, brain health is the most important wellness issue facing Australians. Understanding & caring for our brain must be a school & public education priority.
Phil Dye – Founder of Mindz Brainplay
Australia-wide K-12 student sessions, teacher PD and public/private experiences now back to normal.
I take neuroscience to the schools, 
I do not collect any brain information or personal data.
the boardroom, the pubs and even your lounge-room!

As a science educator with over 40 experience, I explain tricky concepts in simple language. I also ensure you have fun.

I use a variety of EEG (electroencephalograph) headsets to not just explain brain function, but show you inside your own mind.  Activity from the 100 billion neurons inside your head can be shown in full colour – an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You will …

⇒ See your neurons fire in real time and learn what they do. See HERE
⇒ Play a game using your mind to control the gaming characters
⇒ Test your meditation skills
⇒ Discover the best brain states for work, exams, learning or sport
⇒ Learn how to get to those states and have fun.

It’s a completely safe and fascinating journey into the brain and the possible future of a mind-controlled world. 

Ultimately, I have two main aims:

  1.  To teach teachers how to best promote ‘the learning brain’ in classroom environments to enhance learning.
  2. To educate the public from age 5-95 about brain health, to improve life outcomes for all Australians (and our visiting friends).

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Taking neuroscience to the street