Phil has been performing professionally for 40 years. From his 1985 performance to Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Family to every Sunday at the Surveyor General Hotel in Berrima, audiences have come to expect fun, accessible entertainment. He performs at numerous pubs, wine bars and private functions across Sydney.


By far, Phil’s most popular song has been the ‘Bum and Po1922432_827518753932263_1356008295_n (2)o Song’ written in 2000. The song continues to achieve hundreds of steams every week on SPOTIFY.

Phil’s latest collection entitled ‘Water’ has received critical acclaim from reviewers at the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC.  To view the Sydney Morning Herald review of the collection, click HERE.

Songs from this release are available on SPOTIFY.

Sachin Tendulkar – God of Cricket can be sampled or purchased from iTunes by clicking HERE. The Band played Waltzing Matilda is available on all music platforms including iTunes.

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