Since 1990, Phil Dye has trained more than 3,000 individuals to communicate more effectively for their business or organisation.

Far from trying to cover all areas of business education and communication, Phil specialises in the areas of:

  • Better business writingwriting book 3
  • Media training
  • Media release writing.

Better business writing looks into the preparation of business documents & creates strong awareness not only of your readers, but also of yourself as a writer. This one-day workshop is relevant for anyone who needs to write for stakeholders, whether they are colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, clients or potential clients. For more information, message Phil using the form below.

Media training is a workshop focused entirely on developing the ability to communicate well in media interviews. This includes news grabs, longer extended broadcast interviews and conversations with print or online journalists.

The workshop does not try to bog a player down with theory or try to scare them. Undertaking a media interview is really quite simple, and with a few easily reinforced skills, anyone can create a positive impression for themselves or their organisation.  For more information message Phil using the form below.

The media release is an essential tool for communicating with the media. This workshop will provide you with the skills for writing a media release so you can achieve the kind of publicity you want. The workshops looks at how the media works, the concept of ‘news’ and a winning formula for media releases. For more information message Phil using the form below.


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