School ZOOM sessions

School ZOOM sessions are offered nationally and can target any grade or mix of grades.

While a different experience for students to the face-to-face presentations, the Zoom sessions still contain live, real time views inside the brain. Teachers usually specify topics they’d like  covered so that information is relevant to curriculum or student interest.

Topics that can be covered in a ZOOM session include yet are not limited to:

  • Brain controlled prosthetics and wheelchairs
  • Getting to the best brain state for learning and content retention
  • Brain health and neurogenesis
  • The modular brain: What is it?
  • Alcohol and drugs: What is the true impact on the brain?
  • Neuro-plasticity: What is it and how do we help it?

What is the cost?
Zoom sessions can be booked as a single session or a pack of up to 5 sessions. These sessions can take place within a 4 x week period.

1 x  Zoom session of up to 60 minutes: $300 + gst
1 x Zoom session of 75 minutes (year 12 only): $350 + gst
2 x Zoom session pack: $530 + gst
3 x Zoom session pack: $670 + gst
4 x Zoom session pack: $790 + gst
5 x Zoom session pack: $890 + gst



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